What A Way To Live!

Categories: Pastor Chris

I’ve been living the Christian life for 39 years now. Though I’m by no means perfect at doing so, I am very thankful to be able to pursue, grow and learn. Living to please God has become, for me, a rewarding experience. As I make constant effort to please Him, I still come up short, He still chooses to reward me with life more abundant. Since 1977, I have had this strong motivation to help everyone I can learn how to live by faith. I love watching people go from defeated, confused, oppressed, lost, etc. to overcoming in Christ Jesus by applying faith to the scriptures. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I am so blessed to serve God with Leaders and Teams of people who are endeavoring to live God’s way. It is awesome to watch families getting it together by converting to His ways. Since converting to living by faith, I always have hope, joy, vision for break-through, faith for overcoming in the darkest times and with contradictions staring me in the face, I can somehow still see Victory. These things and more are somehow an automatic result and provision from my Heavenly Father. If you haven’t converted to this way of living, I am here to help you. Just ask me.

Author: Pastor Chris