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With all the subtle opportunities to allow Christmas and its true meaning to be watered down and rooted out of our lives, I would like to give you a bold opportunity and encouragement to stand up and refresh your faith and commitment to never denounce or be ashamed of the Gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ. The Word says that the righteous are BOLD as a lion. It’s not our place as believers to engage in heated debates over scriptural issues, but rather to take a BOLD stand to LIVE OUR FAITH and to share with those who are willing to listen to what the Word has to say. If we live by faith and walk the walk, people will be more willing to hear us talk the talk. Once they see the changes living by faith has made in our lives, it is amazing how our God will make OUR VOICE to be heard and taken seriously. So have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as you enjoy participating in this joyous season of focus on the BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOR, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Author: Pastor Chris

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