Our Redemption Draweth Nigh!

Categories: Pastor Chris

It seems like every week there is something else confirming what the scriptures have said all along. We are indeed in perilous times. There are earthquakes every week in various places. Marriage, as the Bible describes it is under attack; homosexuality is trying to dominate and change the culture of every nation, and the list goes on and on. It is us, the Christians, who should be changing the culture of nations with the truth, God’s Word! Thank God there are Ministries who are ministering the truth and are reaching out to people who are caught up in the deceptions of this world. Many have been convinced that there is not much to live for and that the only way to get by in these difficult times is to be dishonest, underhanded, and to make a living by violating or hurting others. Well, there is still only one successful way to live and that is by faith in God’s Word. He has promised us life more abundant and that promise is for now, right now, in these perilous times. Perilous times are no match for the love and provision that God has awaiting us in His “riches in glory”. Solid ground is still available, but it is only found by living according to God’s ways and His thoughts. Solid ground is the will of God for all of His children. Being saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and knowing who you are in Christ is a huge part of getting your life on solid ground. Learning to live by faith and not by sight is another major part. Everyone has questions these days. I submit to you that we, as believers, are to have answers for those questions. I think we all need to face the fact and reality that: OUR ANSWERS ARE IN GOD’S WORD! I encourage you to stay fresh in God’s Word, be consistent to Church Services, and make every effort to share the “Good News”. It won’t be long until we are caught up with Him. I love you, Pastor Chris DiCiaccio

Author: Pastor Chris