Is It In Your Hands or His?

Categories: Pastor Chris

Following instructions to cast the care, believe His Word, rejoice and count it all joy, all while we rest in Him, is something I wish every believer would get hold of. Once these things are done in integrity and faith, the rest is up to the Lord, WHO IS FAITHFUL THAT PROMISED! We are seeing God at work in our family, our Church Family and in many Ministers lives where God has allowed us to sow His Word. It is so much better to have things in His hands than in ours. He has such skilled hands. Hands that can point to the enemy or sickness, disease or poverty and cause it to cease. His hands can point out the changes I need to make and His hands can point the way that I need to take. His hands can hold me like no other hands and His hands can provide provision like no other hands. At the cross, Jesus was found saying “Father into thy hands I commit”. Right there is our best example and motivation for handling things His way. I encourage you to follow that example and allow Him to bring you victory. I love you.

Author: Pastor Chris