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There is no better time than right now to put a serious focus on your Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! Putting a focus on Him requires prayer and time in His Word. The best life we will ever manifest in “this life” is a life lived by faith, trusting in what our Heavenly Father has said to us and done for us. Keeping Him as our number one priority is of the utmost importance. Being consistent in Church and going to every service absolutely expecting God to speak to us and give us direction is vital. The answers of man will continue to fail us, but the wisdom of God will see us through every seemingly impossible situation, for with Him nothing shall be impossible. It’s time to put our foot down and determine that we will not allow our walk with Him to become shallow. It’s time to press with all our might to protect our Word, Prayer, and Church time, for this is the success and provision for our future.

Author: Pastor Chris