3 – 6 Years

Preschool/K1 Open: Sunday 9:45a

Faith Kids Pre-K is an exciting place to be! Our teachers and helpers use many avenues to make the Word of God come alive during their lessons.  The children learn with storytelling and illustration, puppets/skits, and videos.  Every week they will have a memory verse, craft, and games that reinforce their lesson.  They are taught and participate in special offerings that go to missions to help the people of Israel.  Children are led by example to lay hands on the sick, to pray for each other, to obey their parents, and to know that God is good.  They learn that praise and worship is to be a part of their daily lives.  Our children have a reward system called Bible Bucks that they earn by bringing their Bibles, reciting the memory verse, being a helper, and participating in class.  Other activities include VBS, special presentations, and other off-site activites that encourage fellowship and outreach.  We are seeing children transformed by the Word of God and sharing in class with others.