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Every day, all day long we are making one choice after another, hopefully all good, but let’s be realistic, nobody is batting 1000. However, does that mean that we should not strive for 1000? The more accurate our choices, the better quality of life we have, the more pleasing we are to God, and the better we will be to help others around us with their choices. The only way to increase the quality of our “choice making” is to check to see what God has already chosen, and choose that. Years ago, Jan and I decided that we would make the decision to handle our issues with scripture if we could find it. Our agreement was that rather than push for our own way (choice) in the matter, we would both take the time to see what the Word of God may have to say about it. Once we had that, we would both drop our own ideas and thinking about it and agree to do what the Word said about it. WOW! Little did we know that not only would we get victory over the issues, but that we would also eliminate so much strife at the same time. There is nothing like having the Word of God and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit to guide us in this life. I encourage you to start or keep, which ever applies, making better choices by using God’s Word and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. You, your family, and those around you will all benefit greatly.
Love ya,
Pastor Chris

Author: Pastor Chris